Best Free Sample Sites

Welcome to the Super Saving Moms Best Free Sample Sites Page!  There are so many advertisements and websites on the internet nowadays offering free samples, but not all are alike.  A lot of the free sample ad’s floating around are fake and are really just after your personal info.  There are, however, ways to tell the real from the fake.  Through trial and error, I have found the best resources on the internet for free samples and listed my favorite below.  A few tips before signing up for your freebies:

–>  Create an email account just for signing up for freebies, so your personal email account does not get filled up with SPAM.

–>  You can request a sample more than once by using different email addresses and/or different web browsers.

–>  Never sign up for a free sample if it requires credit card information or requires you to complete “offers” (Gold, Silver, Bronze level offers)




P&G Samples

Betty Crocker Samples

Pillsbury Samples

Walmart Samples

Target Sample Spot


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