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Hello!  My name is Elizabeth and I am a mother of an amazing little boy named Jordan Wesley.  Ever since I became a mother, it has been my mission to find the best deals, discounts, coupons, and freebies out there for my family.

Being a stay-at-home mom for the first few years of my son’s life was a blessing, however, I felt the need to help my family out in other ways.  Through the years I found the best ways to earn extra money from the comfort of my home, gain full-size and sample-size products for free, get the best coupons and discounts for the products and services I buy most, and go to free events for the whole family!

Now I would like to share all my secrets on finding the best Discounts, Deals, Savings, Coupons, Freebies, Free Events, and much more to YOU!  My website will list everything from coupons to free samples to free events and easy ways to earn extra cash for you and your family.

I have been earning extra cash and free items over the past 8 years.  Everything from gift cards to free toilet paper and free dog food.  I get these items by signing up for free samples and signing up to do surveys on new products on the market.  By signing up to be a product tester, you can receive full-size products to test and KEEP for FREE!  Sometimes you get paid on top of receiving the free product.  Other sites pay you for answering surveys, reading emails, searching the internet, and watching videos.  Plus, you can get money back or prizes by purchasing products and services that you buy normally through certain online companies.

Now we all love to shop, but we don’t all love to spend a lot of money on the items we need and want.  So, I have also provided many discount and deal websites with some great offers!  There are even chances for you to win prizes and earn money for shopping as well!  So, check out the Deals section and start getting all the best Deals and Discounts on the items you buy most!  Don’t forget to print your coupons before heading to the mall or grocery store.  I have many online and in-store coupons for department stores and grocery stores listed in the coupons sections.

My promise to you is only to put companies on my site that I have personal experience with.  Ensuring that nothing on my site is ever a SCAM!  I have tested and found the best sites out there with proven success.  Every company listed on my site I am a current and active member of, plus I post my success stories on my Facebook Page.  Follow me to see the latest prizes, samples, gift cards, and even CASH I’ve receive in mailbox lately!


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