Influenster Brita Long Last VoxBox

I am a proud member of Influenster which offers free products to its members based on their social media presence in exchange for feedback and honest reviews.  If selected for a VoxBox, they will send you the product(s) and then there will be a campaign on your dashboard with the required and optional activities for you to complete.  If you complete all the required activities you will receive a badge.  You will get an additional badge for the optional activities as well.  Obviously, the more you participate and share on social media the more VoxBoxes you will be selected for.

I was selected for the Brita LongLast Filter VoxBox and received one LongLast Filter to try out in my Brita pitcher.  What I loved most is that it fit in my really old Brita pitcher that I got as a wedding gift in 2011!  So, it works in both new and old Brita Pitcher designs.  It was a fun and easy VoxBox to participate in and I was able to unlock the Brita LongLast Filter Badge and Bonus Badge!  If you want to become an Influenster too, sign up here.See my review of the filter live on the Influenster website

See my review of the filter live on the Influenster website here.  I also listed a copy of the review below.

My review of the Brita LongLast Filter:

I love the Brita long lasting filter!  I always forget to change the filter in the first place, so now that they made one that lasts 6 months it is perfect for me!  I also have a pretty old Brita filter and it fit perfectly. (See Picture) The sticker for the gauge didn’t match up, but the normal gauge on the top of my pitcher seemed to work still.  It is a great value as well.  Usually, a 3 pack costs about $20 which lasts 3 months.  So getting one filter that lasts 6 months for under $20 is an AWESOME value!  Plus, the fact you do not have to remember to change it every month saves you time, which is enough value for me!  I did receive this filter complimentary from Influenster for my honest review.  🙂